Wednesday, December 23, 2009


hey my ladies, not so happy when i wrote this :( quick post. i just want you all to know that im leaving on March. i know this is too fast. kita yg udah bareng selama 3-4 thn aja msh kecepetan, gmn gue sama adit yg hari ini baru 2 bulanan? (24/12) oh well, maybe my mom and Jer choose this for my academics, but they simply not thinking about my own life, my best friends, my boyfriend and of course my beloved-rocking-band UTE ;) and...... my tears just dropped. didnt mean to make you all cry (if you are), but i wrote the post as it is, ga kurang ga lebih. i guess i still have a little time to hang with you guys :) and im coming home on 7 jan, i think.

yours, Nadia Chairina

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