Tuesday, December 15, 2009

See you in January ;)

hey ya my lovely girrrlsssss! guess im gonna miss you all so much!! today im going to Perth to have my holidays there and see my new house :/ and try to look for a new school. what time is it? it's 12.44 in the morning! yea im still packing my stuff. it's a lot of clothes to pack ya know? phew. and im 5 hours away from departure! anywaaaayssss, i cant attend Babi's birthday :''""""( huhu so sorry Niya............... AH! how about video call through Skype???? y'all have Skype right? well not all of you, at least one of you guys have one right? since you gather along at Niya's place let's talk+gossip+curhatsession ;) hahaha im talking english! binushit (?). what else i want to share? hmmm........ mmmmmm............ oh well, i completely forgot what im trying to spill :/ i'll post again if i remember them. now im going to pack pack pack again! see ya in Jan girlsss :-*:-*:-*

nb: my Skype account nadiachairina

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